RMA Form

Please follow the instructions below to generate an RMA. Please also check if your RMA request is within the guaranteed warranty period and please make sure to fully fill in the RMA sheet. Once completed, please send the RMA Sheet (found by clicking on the button below) to RMA@tr-vertrieb.de, to receive approval and the return address. Please follow the guidelines (Step 1-5) below to complete your RMA request.

RMA Form

RMA Process

(Please follow exactly each of the below steps to guarantee a quick handling of your RMA devices)

Step 1: Fill in RMA Form

Download the RMA Form and fill in the data completely. Please make sure to have no blank data spaces, because missing data will delay your RMA.

Step 2: Send a copy of the RMA Form via Email to RMA@tr-vertrieb.de

Please sent either the Excel or the PDF via Email to RMA@tr-vertrieb.de and receive an approval incl. RMA number and shipping address.

Step 3: Approval & Shipping of the RMA

After approval, please ship back the RMA to the confirmed shipping address incl. a print out of the RMA Form attached to the parcel.

Step 4: Your RMA is received and processed

Upon receival your RMA will be handled within 30 working days. Replacement devices will be shipped back with DHL Express. If no replacement is possible during 30 working days, a credit note will be issued.

Step 5: RMA solved

The RMA has been resolved and we are free to continue a fruitful business partnership. Upon request we will share detailed repair reports and/or data wiping certificates.

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